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Meta Science - The Science behind Metabiox ®

Metabiogenix Science

The Japanese Medical Institute brought together a group of scientists of the highest level, with the aim of revolutionizing the Medical field and clinical Medical care through the exchange and dissemination of Metabiogenix Science® technology.

Metabiox® regulates the microbiota of the intestinal environment as well as the relationship of all axes in the human body, revolutionizing the frontiers of science

In this world-class scientific project, Physicians are involved, who contribute their clinical experience for this new class of "Metabiogenic Products®" based on Microbiome Science.


Medical Testimonials

Testimonials from health professionals are an excellent way to learn first-hand how Metabiogenic® Products have positively impacted people's health and well-being.

Through these stories, you will be able to obtain a more complete vision of how these products have contributed to improving the quality of life of patients and healthy people.



Update with the most recent world publications on Medical Metascience, Microbiota / Microbiome and the benefits for the maintenance of Health and the control of Metabolic diseases through Metabiogenic Products®.



Health education postcards through New Concepts in a practical language about the importance of the Microbiota in the Human Being, as well as the impact of the use of Metabiogenic® Products (Metabiotics®), as a New Therapeutic Class.

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